HAKUBA VALLEY Hotel & Cottage with onsen bath
Cottage with meals plan


Quiet hotel nestled in the birch forest.

Guests may choose the meals from one of the following: grilled meat, shabu-shabu, and seafood pot. Cakes, fruit of the season, and locally produced vegetables are also available. Wine is available at an added charge of 630 yen.

Plenty of homemade vegetables and hakuba pork are used as part of the ingredients.
[on the left]
Twin room

[on the right]
Japanese meal in summer

[on the left]
Indoor bath (with Japanese cypress)

[on the right]

Public bath "SEISEN NO YU", offers artificial spa with cypress.

28 Guest rooms (available for 60 in capacity, 19 western-style rooms, 9 Japanese-style rooms, and 12 rooms of them have bath rooms) , a hall, an annex "SEISEN NO YU" (cypress bath), a parking area, a fireplace.

The village is surrounded by forest filled with larches, beeches, and birches. This place offers the full benefit of relaxation that the forest offers.
19 cottages are available for 2 to 11 persons in capacity.

Barbecue terraces are available. Tennis courts are also available nearby.

19 Cottages (with bathrooms)
TV, phone, kitchen, cookware, tableware, pot, refrigerator, oven, gas, gas cooker

Cottage with a capacity of 11 persons.
Retal Supplies
( fee par 1 day )
Available set Contents Fee
Barbecue set Steel plate, Gridiron, Charcoal, Table 2,500 yen
Grill set Gas cooker, Gas cylinder, Steel plate 1,300 yen
Mountain Bike Bike 2,500 yen

Overwhelming majority guest choose pot or grilled meat.
Curry rice one of the most popular item on menu.

Public bath, "SEISEN NO YU" and hotel restaurant are also available for service.
SEISEN NO YU can be accessed by any cottages within 1-2 minutes of walk.

Card can be parked alongside the cottage.

・The Big ( 13 min. by car )
・Seven Eleven ( 5 min. by car )

DX Shirabiso Type 3LDK(Capacity 10 persons)
Three bathrooms, and a twin Room

1F DXしらびそ型 1F

2F DXしらびそ型 2F

Oshirabiso Type 3LDK(Capacity 12 persons)

1F 大しらびそ型 1F

2F 大しらびそ型 2F

Dakekanba Type 2LDK(Capacity 10 persons)

1F だけかんば型 1F

2F だけかんば型 2F

Hannoki Type 2LDK(Capacity 8 parsons)
It is compact, and very quiet as it is located at the deep end.

1F ハンの木型 1F

2F ハンの木型 2F

Hounoki Type 1LDK(Capacity 2 - 5 parsons)
It is the smaller of two-in-one cottage. How about playing a game on the second floor after dinner?

1F ほうの木型 1F

2F ほうの木型 2F

Suite Type 1LDK(Capacity 2 parsons) Space exclusively reserved for two of you.

1F スイートタイプ 1F

2F スイートタイプ 2F

・Rate is the regular charge plus 2,000 yen per person.
・Amenity (only suite rooms)
 bath towel, shampoo, rinse, hair cap, tooth brush, hair dryer.

Ochikura-kogen, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano, 399-9301
tel 0261-72-5311 fax 0261-72-6488

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